Sometimes, change is good! 

Hopeful, that’s what 2020, will be!

A year of positive change!

Happy 2020!



I marvel at people who seem to know so much.  Is it insight?

I feel they thirst for knowledge.    Maybe, they have a enormous

memory?   I have had those moments in my life.   Anyway,  I preach

to young generation “Love to learn!”   I continue to learn new and

amazing things.   Old and young had taught me.   So, my insightful

lesson is that the things change.  Don’t be afraid to learn new TRICKS!

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When you lost someone in your life…something feels

“empty”.     You wish for more time, that never can be gained.

You wish for words you can’t say.  You wish for hugs, you never

can give.   You wish for the person that is no longer there.


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Adult summers are not the same as it

is for youngsters!    We have to search

for the best specials.  We have to worry

about the weather.  We have to listen to

the complaints of ” I really didn’t like it”,

after spending so much money!  

That includes friends on a buddy trip.

I think the best way is to take a trip

where you make all the decisions.

Minus kids and picky friends…just

a weekend trip like that, will put

you in a great mood! 

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